Letter to Cheryl Miller of New Products

A May 15, 2014 letter from Jeffrey Noel to Cheryl Miller offers to renew discussions regarding the ownership of land on Hole 18 of the Golf Club of Harbor Shores.

May 2014 Update

The “whatsthebigsqueeze” web site continues to accuse the Harbor Shores organization of intentionally “squeezing” a longstanding local business—New Products—by, among other things, taking a 2.95 acre parcel of land it claims to own.  The site also suggests that the existence of a long-term planning process in Benton Harbor somehow proves that a grand “conspiracy” is directed at New Products.  Each of these claims is untrue and misleading.

Public statement regarding recent allegations by New Products Corporation
Released January 18, 2013

Harbor Shores President Jeff Noel stated, "As a matter of policy, Harbor Shores has historically chosen to not respond to any news releases issued that are not factually correct. However, a recent press release by New Products Corporation of Benton Harbor carries misinformation that needs to be corrected publicly."

Response to New Products Claims
Submitted to The Herald Palladium as a Letter to the Editor on July 26, 2012

Dear Editor:
During the past several weeks, many in the community have received a general post mailing or seen a paid advertisement in The Herald Palladium making claims against the Harbor Shores Development.  The information accuses the Harbor Shores organization as intentionally “squeezing” a longstanding local business by taking land they claim to have rightfully owned.  These claims are misleading, and the Harbor Shores Development has chosen to respond to these attacks in an attempt to provide accurate information to those who have an interest in this matter.

City of Benton Harbor Pleased with Financial Results of 2011 Beach Season at Jean Klock Park

Benton Harbor, MI—The City of Benton Harbor is pleased to announce that the 2011 Beach Season at Jean Klock Park was a tremendous success. For the first time in a number of years, the entrance gate at the park was staffed and operational from May through September 2011.